Many games use cards or dice as their randomizers. When designing Amist we wanted to figure out a way that players could plan ahead more and not be totally subject to the chance of a die roll or hoping to get a card that would help when combatting or trying to overcome a challenge. Many times, bonuses come into play, tipping the odds in one direction but we wanted to take a different approach.

That’s when we thought of the encounter track. This track is made up of 15 tokens ranging from 1-9 in value. These values are used for various things such as gaining radiation or determining the strength of a mutant. In most cases, a player will use 2 encounter tokens on their turn allowing players to look ahead to see what number they are likely to be subject to.

Amist Encounter Track

The best part is that this track can change at any moment. Maybe it’s because someone used an extra encounter value on their turn to attack one of the scarier monsters, maybe someone’s ability moved the numbers around, or even the radiative storm can mess with the track. Regardless, the encounter track determines many of things so even the best plans need to have a backup.


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