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Game Overview

Gnomes and Wizards is a dice-allocation battle royal game for 2-4 players (2-6 with the expansion). Players assume the roll of a unique faction of gnomes or wizards, each with a leader and six other units. Each player must make difficult decisions when allocating dice towards their various units, including increasing their base stats, charging their abilities, calling more units out to the battlefield, or acquiring new spells to defeat their enemy. Gain the most battle points before the ground collapses and all is lost in this treacherous battle between Gnomes and Wizards.


  • Simple mechanics, deep strategy
  • Battle royal gameplay
  • Light-weight tactical game
  • Modular map and numerous ability combos for immense replayability
  • 4 Unique Factions (+2 from 5-6 player expansion)
  • Extensive player interaction
Gnomes and Wizards Rulebook (WIP) 5-6 Player Expansion Rules (WIP)


Although our first Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, putting CavernWire's name out there helped us learn how much it truly takes to publish a game. We are excited to tell you that we are dedicated to getting Gnomes and Wizards on your shelf! We have spent the last few years preparing a relaunch on the Kickstarter platform. We plan to take all that we have learned and apply it to this next launch.

One of the major updates we've been working on is a total aesthetic shift, specifically regarding the character art. We have heard a wealth of feedback from playtesters and fans on this and have decided that we want to take the look of Gnomes and Wizards to the next level. We have hired an artist, Dave Testa, who has been knocking these characters out of the park. It's important that we keep the bright, playful vibe the game has while striving toward a more polished and professional look.

As we wrap up the artwork and finish streamlining the asymmetric abilities, we are preparing to launch our new Kickstarter campaign on October 2nd! You can head over to our pre-launch Kickstarter page so that you can be notified on day one of the launch. Thank you so much for being a part of the gaming community. We look forward to seeing you on launch day!

Kickstarter: Oct 2, 2023

Game Detail

Gnomes and Wizards is a board game of dice-allocation combat between tribes of various gnomes or wizards. Each player controls a tribe (faction), utilizing their unique abilities, battle tactics, and area control to snuff out their rival. Each tribe is comprised of a leader and six other units. Starting with only the leaders out on the board, each player must attempt to call out their other units and ultimately defeat their opponents within 10 rounds. This is achieved through brute strength, well-executed tactics, and magical abilities.

Each unit has their own unique ability and can learn additional abilities as the game progresses. These abilities can be charged through the arcane energy of the Power Crystals. Power Crystals are native to the lands and do not appreciate the consumption of their energy. As the game progresses, the ground quakes as the rampant energy crumbles the earth bordering the battlefield, forcing everyone to the Crystal Mines in the center of the arena or face the fatal depths of the abyss. At the end of the 10th round, players total their battle points to declare the winner.