When it comes to objectives, do you prefer to go for the small contracts that you can pile up or the large endeavors that take much of the game to complete but are well worth the reward?

As we continue to develop Amist: Mutant Control, we are working to make the objectives balanced, while giving our players both the option to stack up the smaller achievements or pull in the big hauls. At the top of the objective cards, you will see the name of the objective along with the number of victory points earned when completing this objective. Currently, if you fail to complete an objective, the player loses 1 victory point. We are evaluating whether or not to increase this fixed amount based on suggestions we were given over Origins.

Berserker Objective for Amist: Mutant Control

Just below the card title, you will see a series of pips. These dots represent the difficulty level, rating from 1-5, 1 being the easiest objectives to complete and 5 being the most difficult. Sometimes the points earned do not reflect the difficuty of the challenge as there are some objectives that aren’t necessarily hard to achieve but require a good deal of sacrifice to complete them. The counter to this is also true. At the start of a game, players get to draw 2 objectives and select one to keep, giving additional opportunities to gain more later in the game. We included the difficulty pip values so that players could have a quick frame of reference to determine how difficult the objective would be before committing to it.

As we continue to playtest, we know that both the pip values and the rewarded victory points will continue to change in order to create a well-balanced system. Additionally, we currently have 10 solid objectives that we have been using but are looking to expand that number. If you are interested in helping us evaluate the balance of these objectives, jump over to our Discord Server and we will set up a time to playtest Amist: Mutant Control.


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