We are excited to introduce our new blog for CavernWire Games. We plan to post on this form weekly to keep CavernCritters such as yourself informed on what we are working on, what games we are playing, what events we will be attending, and surely, some other fun stuff as well. With that said, we want to jump right in with some exciting new updates.

We just got back from Origins 2021 and boy, was it insightful! We have a new vigor about reaching our audience and publishing our games. As we digest the information that we obtained this weekend, we will share our thought process along with our next steps to getting our games on the shelves of gamers.

UNPUB Amist Playtest at Origins 2021 on October 2

If you were around for our first Kickstarter launch of Gnomes and Wizards, you know that we canceled the campaign due to many factors. A large factor that played into the cancelation was that we weren’t going to make our funding goal. There were many reasons for this outcome but we are glad we launched since we learned a great deal from that campaign. One of those things was that we set our funding goal higher than a first-time publisher can hope to get. It wasn’t an impossible goal but it needed intensive marketing which lacked greatly as we depended on the Kickstarter platform to do more of the heavy lifting for us.

Now that we know that marketing and publishing a game is another job in and of itself, we have been researching and working towards building up our community as we head towards our next publishing attempt. One of the biggest things we want to start doing is to update you on what we are working on to make progress towards this goal. There are many gears working in the background when it comes to making and publishing a game, and we realize that being transparent about the process is our best tool to getting our fans involved.

We will continue to update you on our progress but for now, thanks for being an important part of CavernWire Games.


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