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Game Overview

Horrific mutations have taken the world by storm. Some are more resistant to its effects, while others fall victim to the primal instincts of the animals their DNA was spliced with. As one of the survivors who has limited control over their mutations, you and the rest of the colony that has banded together must survive the treacherous wastelands, defeat mutants, craft vital items, and secure locations to build back a civilization worth fight for. Each player must prove their capabilities by earning the most Reputation Points and become the leader of the colony.


  • Fight giant ugly monsters
  • Medium-light semi-co-op experience
  • Shared area movement
  • Push your luck
  • Unique randomizer allows players to plan ahead
  • Modular board and numerous character abilities create immense replayability
  • Extensive player interaction
Amist: Mutant Control Rulebook (WIP)

Progress and Publishing

Amist: Mutant Control is our latest design that we have been working on. Before we bring Amist to the publishing stage, we have some work that needs done first. One of the major things that we are working on right now is the artwork. Since there are many encounter cards and characters, we want to take our time with this artwork and make it the best it can be. In addition to the artwork, we want to get our footing with our first game Gnomes and Wizards before making advancements with Amist. We have so much in store for this game such as stretch goal ideas and add-on upgrades that we want to really understand what it means to publish a game before taking the plunge with this Amist.

Once we know which direction we are heading with publishing Gnomes and Wizards, Amist will likly closely follow. If you want to stay up to date with our progress on this game, subscribe to our newsletter or join our discord server. Or both. We wont stop you.

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Game Detail

More info coming soon.