Who We Are

CavernWire Games is an independent game company located in Akron, Ohio. We are very passionate about what we do. We are in the process of starting our first Kickstarter campaign called Gnomes and Wizards. If you would like to learn more about this campaign, check out our preview page.

CavernWire Games started in 2016 as CavernWire. Bobby Powell, the companies spear head, started building the company as a video game college project. Through Bobby’s enjoyment of playing games with others and developing his own games, CavernWire was a natural progression to formally make new and fun games that everyone could enjoy. Bobby has brought together a small group to help in the development process along with campaigning. This team is what makes up CavernWire Games.

CavernWire Games strongly believes in the community aspect of gaming. That’s not to say we won’t play solo games here and there, but it is important to us that people connect on a deeper level. We love the idea of board games because it gets you face to face with people in a world that is drowning in their technology. Playing board games allows you to have new experiences with people you share life with AND others you barely know. We also love the couch co-op experience. Having that buddy over or meeting up at a park for some fun gaming is such a satisfying feeling that has gotten pushed to the wayside in today’s culture, but we want that to change.

These are the types of games we want to make for you. If you are interested in joining this type of community and having a voice in the games we develop, sign up for our newsletter below. That is the medium where you will hear in detail about what we are wroking on, how you can have a say in the games we create and any other important information you need to know.

Thank you for visiting CavernWire Games. Feel free to look around at our other content on our site.