Gnomes & Wizards

Command your tribe, learn new magic, but above all, destroy the enemy before the ground collapses in this dice-allocation battle royal game.

Gnomes and Wizards is a 2-6 player game where each player controls a tribe of gnomes or wizards. Each tribe is comprised of various units that a player will use to combat opposing forces.

Halfway though the game, the ground will begin to deteriorate, forcing all units to the center of the map. The player who destroyed the most enemy forces by the end of the 10 rounds will claim victory.

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How to Play Gnomes & Wizards

Planning Phase

Roll the appropriate number of action dice. Re-roll any of the dice up to two times.

Assign the rolled outcomes to your units to increase their base stats or collect other rewards.

Execution Phase

Move and attack enemy units using your base stats plus any allocated dice

Spend horns to call additional units to the battlefield or aquire new magic abilities

Battle Royal

Collect Power Crystals to charge up your special abilities.

Starting at round 6, each player will flip 2 tiles at the beginning of their turn, forcing combat to the center of the board.

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